School Uniform Punishments and Discipline

...a good uniform must work its way with the women, sooner or later
                                           Dickens, Pickwick Papers

Penned in response to requests from a couple of people who are familiar with things I have written outside this site, this section contains school uniform punishment stories and other fiction revolving around school uniform discipline.

Contrary to the half-baked hysteria that surrounds denunciations of any fiction that dares to stray into using non-adult characters, the fans of this sort of writing rarely want imagine doing such things - mostly they like to imagine being on the receiving end...

The orientations may be mixed, according to what I feel like writing at the time.

Section One ....Schoolgirls Punished

    Raincoat Punishment Rubber mackintosh and wellington boots for a naughty pupil F/f

Riding crop for spanking

Section Two ....Put Back into Uniform

  Putting On My Punishment Uniform     School uniform punishment, item by item Link to Uniforms Tease site
  School Uniform Punishment for Women     Putting wives & girlfriends back into school uniform  

Riding crop for spanking

Section Three ....Activities


Riding crop for spanking

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