School Uniform Punishment for Wives, Girlfriends and Others

The wearing of the uniform should be a punishment in itself, as well as an adjunct to any other other punishment being imposed in the session
  1. The uniform should be uncomfortable to wear
  2. She should look childish or silly in it, not 'sexy', so that she feels ridiculous wearing it;   Rule 2 Notes
  3. It should require effort to keep it looking clean and smart so that it is an irksome task to prepare it for her punishment session
  4. It should be awkward to attire herself in it and fiddly to keep looking precisely right
  5. It should offer plenty of scope for failing to reach the required standard of presentation
  6. Uniform rules should encompass all aspects of her personal presentation and grooming, not just the clothes themselves
  7. She must know the uniform rules in detail and be able to recite them or write them down on demand
  8. She must know how to present herself for any aspect of uniform inspection and the correct responses to give to any enquiry concerning her uniform
  9. She should be required to consider why she has been put into uniform and acknowledge how she looks in it and why she deserves to have been put back into uniform.
  10. Anything which increases for her the humilation of being put back into school uniform is to be considered an advantage

An example of a punishment uniform, Jane's Punishment Uniform


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