Notes Concerning Punishment School Uniform for Wearing By Female Disciplinees

Rule 2

Concerning her appearance in uniform

The depiction of "school uniforms" in fancy dress catalogues and as won by older 'girls' in films such as the St Trinians series give useful pointers to how she should not appear when she is in her uniform:

  • She should not appear 'busty'. The yoke of the gymslip and falling pleats will tend to obscure her breasts but if necesssary they should be flattened with a tight sports bra or strapping.
  • Her blouse should not be sheer or see through but long sleeved, thick, stiff and opaque
  • Her collar should never be undone or her tie loose or askew, emphasising her neck: her collar should be high and tight, obscuring the neck as much as possible and the tie tightly knotted.
  • Her hat should not be at a rakish angle but pushed down firmly and squarely on the head, secured in place with a broad length of elastic going behind the ears and under the chin. This will give her the appearance of constantly peering out from under the brim and the elastic will make her ears stick out.
  • The pleats of the gymslip will disguise her figure and the lack of tailoring in the garment will give her a squarish, boxy outline even with the sash girdle marking her waist. She should look generally shapeless, covered in loose blue serge from above the bustline to well down her legs.
  • She should not expose any thigh: the gymslip is not short but brushes the knees
  • She does not wear stockings or sheer hose but knee length wool socks or heavy opaque wool tights
  • Her footwear is not elegant nor have heels: she wears plain, round toed, heavy lace-up shoes


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