Jane's Punishment Uniform

When Jane is undergoing punishment she is required to wear a 1950's style English girl's school uniform and her punishments have a school-style flavour to them.

Her uniform is designed to be uncomfortable and irritating to wear, and make her look childish and frumpy*. She is required to deport herself and behave in a manner appropriate to the way she is dressed while all the time being reminded how ridiculous she appears as an adult dressed as a schoolgirl and being treated like one.

  • Pound shop knickers
    • Knickers should be cheap, plain and generously sized. If the elastic goes, as it tends to in cheap knickers, she must replace it. Knickers must not be discarded until they are worn out.

  • Sports bra too small
    • This helps flatten her bust and make her feel less adult, as well as being uncomfortable

  • Wool vest
    • To be worn all year round. It will be especially hot and itchy in summer.

  • Made herself bloomers
    • Making her sew her own bloomers is excellent discipline and ensures they meet the requirements. They should be of plain heavy weight material of colour matching the blazer and gymslip, generously cut and reaching above the navel. When pulled up tight they should reach the lower rib-cage. The legs should come half to two thirds the way down the thighs. The legs should have cuff to stop them coming much higher than mid thigh, to prevent her pulling them in a more normal knicker profile, and there should be firm elastic closure at waist and legs.

  • Over starched shirt
    • The whole shirt should be starched so that it can be sharply ironed, with extra starch to the collar and cuffs. A man's plain white cotton shirt, wil do if a woman's cannot be obtained, but she may need an extra-tight bra to maintain a flat-chested appearance under a loose shirt front when wearing a man's shirt of the correct (tight!) collar size.

  • Lurid tie
    • It should be easy to find a garishly striped one that could pass for a school tie at any charity (thrift) shop. She may have to work hard to clean the stains out.

  • Gymslip from specialist shop
    • A heavy weight gymslip from a supplier to school role-play enthusiasts is needed, assuming she is not small enough to fit into a real gymslip (usually available only for junior age girls nowadays). Gymslips from fancy dress suppliers are not suitable. As a choice of colours is to be had when buying a gymslip new, it is better to get the blazer (below) first, and match colour to that.

  • Socks
    • White knee length wool or cotton socks, with elastic garters to hold them up

  • Second hand blazer
    • Although new blazers are available from the same suppliers as gymslips a second hand blazer will be more authentic and having the smell of its previous owner about it, will be a greater indignity to wear. Bright colours are best and definitely not black. If it is from a local school so she regularly sees girls wearing it and knows that she now looks like them, so much the better.

  • Clumpy shoes
    • Round toed heavy lace-ups are preferred. Ones from a charity shop which she will have to polish up and restore are best, but real school shoes in larger sizes are usually too worn to be taken for re-sale. Failing that any cheap chain shoe shop in September will have a selection.

  • Second hand hat
    • Of all the uniform items worn by school girls, the hat seems to be the most detested in the memory of adults. It is therefore an essential item, and if a real one cannot be obtained for the moment then a substitute should be found: even a fancy dress shop one is better than nothing. If she is between sizes, err on the side of larger rather than smaller. Ideally she should have a round felt hat matching blazer, gymslip and bloomers and also a stiff straw boater.

      The hat should be fitted with a chinstrap of at least 1/4 inch elastic and the elastic should be tight enough to keep the hat firmly in position without distorting it through excessive tightness. The elastic always goes behind the ears, not in front. This keeps the hat more securely in place and is particularly uncomfortable.

      The hat is to be worn thoughout the disciple session except for PE, if given. I make her keep her hat on even if she is being stripped for punishment. Her hat must be level and square on her head at all times and if she fiddles with the elastic she gets her hands strapped.

All of her unform items must be clean, pressed and in a good state of repair, and every item has to have her name tag securely sewn in it.

* A frump is a woman who appears dull, plain and unfashionable


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