Dreamer of dreams, born out of my due time
Why should I strive to set the crooked straight?
Let it suffice me that my murmuring rhyme
Beats with light wing against the ivory gate,
Telling a tale not too importunate.

William Morris,
The Earthly Paradise

Most of the things here were not written for general publication like the usenet stories, nor for this website, but for particular people or groups and are just archived here for curiosity value. Some of the pieces were written 'in character' in the course of various RPGs (role playing games) and may therefore read a little oddly out of their context. Come to that, they may have read a little oddly *in* their context!

A number of these poems have a fetish, bdsm or spank idea or favour woven into them, but they are not specifically 'spanking poetry' or 'bdsm poetry' or overtly 'adult'. The suggestion lies mainly into your own reading of them, in fact there's hardly a spanked bottom to be seen. It's more fantasy poetry.

'Consuming Fancy' is a submissive poem, as is 'Shinpuku. Kuraku. Ritsumei': you could read some of the others as being submissive poetry.


Untitled Poem
 A poem about?
A poem about boys
  Written to (or by) order.
We're quite nice really
A parody of the 'Canterbury Tales'
  About 350 lines of cod-Chaucer
Added February 2003
A poem of one wish
  Written in response to
a suggested theme
A Commentary on Our Lives
  Written for Subverse
  Written for the alt.spanking.reality
2001 Literary Festival
  Written for the Subverse meeting, 23 Nov 2001.
Posted to alt.spanking.reality Nov 2001
Consuming Fancy
 Personal dedication.... June 2004
The Circus Is In Town
  Roman frolics at Subterrain
  Written for the amusement of Madam E
November 2004
Waiting Void
  Dedicated to the Ladies of Subterrain
October 2004
Shinpuku. Kuraku. Ritsumei
  Personal dedication. Written in the style of a renga.
December 2004
  Written on a passing whim.
Posted to soc.sexulity.spanking Oct 08

Favourite poetry quote of the moment...
[Following a session on the ouija board after heavy consumption of absinthe]

"We got a message from Satan, but he appeared to have nothing of the slightest importance to say"
Ernest Dowson 1867 - 1900

Other Writing of a Fetish Nature

The Colour of Submission
 Not Yet Posted

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