Who doomed to go in company with pain, 
                  And fear, and bloodshed, miserable train!
                  Turns his necessity to glorious gain......William Wordsworth

In Company With Pain is a free collection of spanking stories, kink poetry and miscellaneous writings mainly on the topics of erotic BDSM, spanking and fetish related areas.

The bdsm stories, femdom stories, fetish stories and other bdsm lifestyle articles, were for the most part first posted here. Other material is a mixture of original thoughts and compilations of my pearls of wisdom scattered around discussion boards and the like. Some of the spanking stories were first posted to alt.sex.spanking.

You are free to browse and read for your own private enjoyment and edification, but please respect author copyrights. If in doubt, see here.

If you're looking for "sexy pictures" to harvest, you're going to be disappointed. Nontheless there is F/m, M/f and F/f adult written content here and by clicking any of the links below you are affirming that it is lawful for you to read adult material in your jurisdiction. Teenage one hand surfers are unlikely to find anything of interest here anyway.

Everything can be accessed through the links at the bottom of the page. Most of the stories are short enough for a quick read - especially the spanking short stories entered in the soc.sexuality. spanking short story contest. As well as general free spanking stories, some of the themes that are touched on are:

  • Domestic Discipline Stories

    Found mainly in the spanking stories area. Some are labelled as Domestic Discipline stories...but that's not all there are. Depends on your definition...
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To passion, to paradise, to pain, tonight
Gomez Addams

Enforced Chastity

...and tease and denial. Probably not the sort of chastity
    the pure minded were thinking of.
Femdom Stories
...I was told to include these ;-)
Mainly F/m stories, erotic discipline stories, domination fetish and the like...
Now includes the F/f stories collection from Rosie_RW who writes
exceptionally hot F/f Femdom stories

Erotic Poetry

...with a hint of fetish kinky

Spanking Stories

...Spank stories in f/m and a variety of spanking orientations, some amusing,
some erotic, including punishment stories and romantic spankings stories
BDSM Lifestyle ...tools, tips, bdsm techniques and musings on WIITWD, our particular passions for
bdsm - kink and fetish submission.
BDSM & Fetish Reference
...Explanations of net acronyms, BDSM-fetish playlist, slave "contracts" and so on...
Spanking, Chastity,
BDSM, & Fetish Links
...for when you've looked through here...


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